Supporting individuals to embrace illness and move from dis-ease to ease

Healthcare programmes are offered either face to face or online. Sessions are conducted in the comfort of a patient’s home, rehabilitation centers and when referred by Oncologists / Psychiatrists / Clinicians in hospitals. The program is deeply supportive, soothing, and adapted to the rhythm of the individual patient. The sessions offer support to caregivers and families too.

Trainers are available in over 130 countries. The trainers provide continuous support with the Heartfulness practice.


A simple, gentle and focused meditation program for cancer patients that supports recovery, helps find inner strength, restores balance,
nurtures peace and courage and guides to overcome challenges with positivity.

Sparsh (expression)

Designed for people who suffer excessive stress, anxiety, depression, and related mental health conditions. This program offers a combination of guided reflection, yoga, polarity therapy, breathing with affirmation and heartfulness tools of relaxation and rejuvenation.