Heartfulness Yogasanas



Lie flat on your stomach with your legs straight and your soles pointing upwards.
Bring your legs and feet together and stretch your hands straight in front of your head.
While inhaling, raise your hands, head, chest and legs simultaneously as high as possible.
Keep your legs straight, without folding your knees, and your hands straight, without folding your elbows.
Balance your whole body weight on your stomach.
Close your eyes.
Hold and stay with gentle, long breaths in and out six times.


Breathe out, and while exhaling slowly release the posture and relax in Makarasana.
Relieves the body of stiffness and back pain, and the spine attains flexibility with regular practice.
Helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce abdominal fat.
Muscles of the back, abdomen, neck, shoulders, hip, knees and arms become stronger.

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