P.S. let love flow

ASHUTOSH KUMAR shares his feelings on how to nurture loving relationships.

The other day I was watching the movie P.S. I Love You. As I am away from my wife for long periods due to my job, the first ten minutes of the movie made me cry so much with love that I had to shut my laptop.

After calming down I started wondering, “What made me cry? Why don’t I have such a feeling of love all the time?” And this led to other thoughts. I asked myself, “What kind of feelings do I harbor during the course of a day?” The answers came: hatred towards a colleague who harmed me in the past, irritation toward my mother who cares too much for me, suspicion towards a stranger, mixed feelings towards my wife due to the ups and downs of daily life. With such feelings, how will the condition of love germinate and be nurtured, let alone be overflowing?

To let love grow, how can I give it the right environment all the time, throughout the day? I need to have that feeling of love and benevolence all the time, towards each and every person, towards each and every thing around me.

I cannot be selective and block myself if I want to flow with love. That I can love a certain set of people and not the other – that would not be real love. Anyway, I often have to spend most of my time with the ‘other’ set and the feelings for one set do affect the other.

How to love someone who has harmed me, or backstabbed me in the past? I still have to deal with him. I am learning that  when I see him and everyone else as souls, it is easier to love them. Anything they did to hurt me, any mistake they made, was because of the influence of the coverings around the soul. It is the behavior, not the person. In fact, when I feel thankful to them, because everything has a raison d’etre , things are much easier. The whole dynamics change altogether for the good.

With this attitude, coupled with the practices of cleaning and meditation, I am slowly and gradually learning to flow with love and joy. I would like to reach the stage where I feel immersed and soaked in love, so that my way of being will radiate love all the time.

P.P.S. Love. Seek and you will feel its deficit. Give and you will overflow with it.

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